About Swati

I immersed myself in many worlds, the East and the West, the academics and the practical, the logical world of computer information systems and the non-linear world of human psyche, the rational world of scientific theories and the emotionally intense world of the Art and the psychology. Switching worlds, making personal mistakes, and helping clients led me to a way to make sense of the human predicament and to move towards strength and enjoyment in life.

I call this method C-APT (See apt), Contemplate, Accept, Push a little, and Transition to a better place. It is a combination of psychological tools EMDR and Cognitive Methods with heavy emphasis on contemplative practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

In order to support Mindfulness Meditation practice, I launched my free App and Website 2meditate in July 2015. In meditation practice, group aspect is immensely useful in sustaining and enhancing the benefits. In 2meditate, you can join in a guided global ongoing meditation, for 2 minutes or 20 minutes, anytime and from any where. On the screen, find out who else is meditating with you at the same time and listening to the same meditation. You can choose to meditate by yourself by selecting from a list of meditations. You can also invite your own friends and form a group, schedule a meditation, and meditate together. Give feedback and chat with each other.

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, click Contact Me, email Swati, or call 1 310 308 9531.