Don’t Worry: Happiness Level Not Set in Stone

“Don’t worry, be happy” may be more than just a wishful mantra. A new study finds that people’s happiness levels can change substantially.

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Robert Thurman: Breathing Meditation

Robert Thurman leads the meditation for being mindful of the breath.

About Swati

I immersed myself in many worlds, the East and the West, the academics and the practical, the logical world of computer information systems and the non-linear world of human psyche, the rational world of scientific theories and the emotionally intense world of the Art and the psychology. Switching worlds, making personal mistakes, and helping clients led me to a way to make sense of the human predicament and to move towards strength and enjoyment in life.

I call this method C-APT (See apt), Contemplate, Accept, Push a little, and Transition to a better place. It is a combination of psychological tools (EMDR and Cognitive Methods) and sound spiritual practices (Meditation).

I have successfully used this type of work in the following areas:

1) Anxiety, panic, phobias, social anxiety, stress,
2) Relationship issues (Couples and individuals who want to stay together, or break up, or decide what to do),
3) Loss in life and making sense of it,
4) Lack of self-esteem.

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